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Queering Desi

We aim to celebrate folks whose multilayered identities go beyond their gender or sexuality (even though this bears the foundation for the show). We also aim to challenge those within the South Asian and mainstream LGBTQ communities about what we or our journeys are supposed to “look like”—for example, coming out in our culture is vastly complicated… and yet just one piece of a larger journey. Lastly, it aims to highlight how universal our journeys are—for those of us who were closeted, or those who still are, we aim to show that anything is possible. We are artists, activists, comedians, actors, doctors, performers, singers, poets and, at the end, we are all humans with insecurities, struggles, dreams, and victories.

Queering Desi is about community—building, empowering, and growing it. As South Asians who also identify as LGBTQ+, our stories have been overlooked for a long time—even among marginalized communities. Queering Desi places our narratives at the forefront, allowing us to tell our own stories our own way.

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Our Host

Priya Arora is a queer, non-binary community activist, writer, and editor. Born and raised in California, she has found a new home in New York City, where she currently works as a Staff Editor at The New York Times. With a background in mental health, her activism and passions lie in fostering the narratives of South Asian LGBTQ+ people. When she's not working, she enjoys actively avoiding Twitter, binge-watching cooking shows, and reading books she may never end up finishing.

About Our Host
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