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Season 3, Episode 8: A Master of Food with Dinesh Patel

On this episode, Priya chats with Dinesh Patel, a cook, pastry chef and finalist of "MasterChef India" Season 5. Dinesh shares his earliest memories of being in the kitchen and how he fell in love with cooking. Later, Priya asks about how Dines ended up on the show, and what his favorite part of the experience was. Later, the two chat about doing work in our communities to challenge stereotypes of LGBTQ+ people and the undue pressure on coming out. Finally, the two play a MasterChef-themed rapid-fire round and "Instagram vs. Reality."

About the guest:

Dinesh Patel is a cook, pastry chef and a Top 3 finalist on Masterchef India, Season 5. Dinesh studied law at university but his passion has always been food. Dinesh has been running a patisserie company based in the U.K. for many years and loves the creativity that patisserie and cakes can have. His greatest inspirations in life are his grandmother as well as his best friend, mentor and all-round guru, Alina Leghari, and her mother Sayeeda Leghari. Dinesh divides his time between the U.K. and Mumbai, India, which has become the city of his soul. He's a proud supporter of the LGBTQ+ community and always wanted and hoped for his baked treats to spread a little sweetness, love and compassion through the world!

You can follow Dinesh on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


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