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Season 2, Episode 4: Breaking Bread with Nik Sharma

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

Welcome to another new episode of Queering Desi!

In this week's episode, Priya talks to Nik Sharma, the writer, photographer, and food blogger behind A Brown Table and the cookbook, Season.

The two chat about Nik's early beginnings growing up in a bicultural household in India, from how he found his love for cooking to starting his own blog and switching careers. Nik shares the racism he faced through the early days of his blog, and how these experiences impacted him. Later, he talks about coming out as a gay man, representation, and how his identities influence his work. Finally, Priya asks Nik about his favorite foods, tips for whipping up a meal with whatever's left in the fridge, and his favorite recipes from his new cookbook, Season.

About the guest:

Nik Sharma is the writer, photographer, and blogger. You can his writing and recipes on A Brown Table and his column, A Brown Kitchen, in the San Francisco Chronicle. You can also follow Nik on Twitter @ABrownTable!

[Queering Desi art: Nafeesa Alibhai and Sabina Pang]


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