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Season 3 Bonus Episode: Behind the 'Karma' with Amrit Kapai

On this special bonus episode, we talk to Amrit Kapai, one of the cast members of Bravo's brand-new reality show, "Family Karma." The show follows the lives of seven young Indian-Americans as they navigate the pressures of adulthood, while maintaining deep-rooted ties to their culture.

Amrit, who identifies as gay, talks to Priya about what it was like to come out in such a close-knit community, how his parents took the news, and most importantly, why he felt that being a part of this show was important. Later, he plays a special "Family Karma" rapid-fire round and shares advice he would give his younger self! Be sure to catch "Family Karma" on Sundays, starting March 8, only on Bravo!

About the guest:

Amrit was always known as the ideal Indian son, until one night when he had a few too many drinks. Much to his parents’ surprise, at 25 years old he came out to his family. Initially it was difficult for his parents to accept his homosexuality, but now they embrace their son with open arms. Amrit, now 32, is currently helping to grow a branch of his Chicago law firm in Miami. When he left Chicago, he also left his steady boyfriend Nicholas who comes from a conservative Midwest family. Time will tell if they can remain committed to each other despite the distance.

You can follow Amrit on Instagram (@amritkapai).


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