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Queering Desi: Season 3, Episode 4: Bake It or Leave It with Rav Bansal

On this episode of Queering Desi, we welcome Rav Bansal, a former contestant on "The Great British Bake Off" and the host of the “Do You Wear That In The Shower?” podcast.

Rav opens up about coming to terms with his sexuality as a Sikh man and the experience of coming out publicly last year. Later, Rav shares what was like to be on Bake Off and how baking is still part of his life. Later, the two play a fun, baking-themed rapid-fire round and Priya's latest favorite new game, Instagram vs. Reality!

About the guest:

Rav Bansal is a former contestant on the seventh season of BBC's "The Great British Bake Off" (also known as "The Great British Baking Show"). He greatly impressed the judges with his interesting flavour combinations and his fusion style of baking. He is also the host of the podcast "Do You Wear That In The Shower?" where each week, Rav and a guest dissect the weird, confusing, funny and sometimes offensive things people say and/or ask. You can follow Rav on Instagram (@ravbansal) and Twitter (@ravbansal).


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