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Queering Desi: Season 3, Episode 2: Expressions Through Dance with Shiva Raichandani

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

This week on Queering Desi, we welcome Shiva Raichandani

On this week’s episode, Priya talks to Shiva Raichandani, the principal dancer and lead instructor of London School of Bollywood! You may also recognise him from Britain's, India's and France’s Got Talent.

The two talk about everything from expressing gender in dance and problematic representations in Bollywood, to Shiva’s own forthcoming short film, “Queer Parivaar,” based on an interfaith queer South Asian romance. Later the two play a fun rapid-fire round, and Priya debuts a new game called "Instagram vs. Reality"!

About the guest:

Shiva Raichandani is the principal dancer and lead instructor of London School of Bollywood (LSB) - contestants of Britain, India and France’s Got Talent. He is passionate about raising awareness around the fluidity of gender, non-binary representation in Bollywood, and about mental health within the south Asian LGBTQ+ community. Shiva has featured in an exclusive Netflix short film, delivered a TEDx talk, performed at the Cannes Lions and at the London Queer Fashion Show. Currently, Shiva is producing a short narrative film (‘Queer Parivaar’) based on an interfaith queer south Asian romance.

[Queering Desi logo: Nafeesa Alibhai and Sabina Pang]


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